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Ellanian Shipping Services is now an ABS approved Vendor

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership”.We are proud to announce that Ellanian Shipping Services is now an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approved Vendor.We can only promise this to the Marine Industry; we will always strive to top ourselves and meet our Clients’ expectations.

Barge Pre-Purchase Inspection

True loyalty is about creating unique experiences for each and every Client. Each and every project is treated as unique. The same applies for this Barge Pre Purchasing Survey as well, in order to be completed with honesty and integrity.

Damaged diesel engine block

Damaged Diesel Engine Block

Imagine a Bulk Carrier with a damaged diesel engine block in Chittagong anchorage area A. Add on it that the fuel pumps of the other 2 diesel engines, must be replaced. They cannot increase the load in order to cover the Deck Cranes cargo operation needs. Now imagine a crazy Team ashore Chittagong port. They are preparing a complete operational YANMAR M200 engine to be loaded in a barge, spare… Περισσότερα »Damaged Diesel Engine Block

4 cranes challenge

Supramax 4-Cranes Malfunction Challenge

Cranes are our expertise! Our latest 4-Crane technical challenge on good Customer’s Supramax Vessel had everything on the menu: hoisting cylinders, luffing cylinders, slewing cylinders, disassembles, reassembles, refurbishments, adjustments, critical coordination and of course operational tests. The outcome? Another satisfied client, enjoying increased Uptime!

Covid Disinfection Thumbnail

Ellanian Covid-19 Vessel Disinfection Solution

Ellanian’s Certified Disinfection Solution Guarantees COVID-FREE Vessels through a 5-minute Simple Procedure. Our latest product video showcases the simplicity and competitive advantages of our exclusive disinfecting technology for the Maritime Industry.

Room Fogger for COVID-19 Disinfection 5

Room Fogger for COVID-19 Disinfection

Our industry still battles hard against Covid-19 outbreak and unfortunately lacks an efficint/reasonable solution. Ellanian Shipping Services is here to provide an EOF certified Covid-19 disinfection technology. The autonomous Crew operated Room Fogger.Within only a 5 minutes period, the Unit can disinfect a 150m3 space, Seafarers onboard will work in a safe & healthy working environment.